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Seriously, Fund NASA.

Everyone’s favorite commercial space company has won the NASA contract for the next crewed lunar lander. That’s right, unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably already know that SpaceX and its Lunar Starship won the contract for the Artemis program’s Human Landing System. On one hand I am thrilled about this choice.  LoveContinue reading “Seriously, Fund NASA.”

To The Moon

To the moon is popular phrase that might get used to describe a stock that’s price is skyrocketing (pun intended). In the case of Rocket Lab, the phrase could be a bit more literal. I’m no financial expert but the opportunity to invest in pure space companies is very exciting to me, especially newer companiesContinue reading “To The Moon”

NASA Picks Falcon Heavy to Launch Gateway Elements

On February 9th NASA announced that a Falcon Heavy rocket built by SpaceX will be used to launch the first two elements of the Lunar Gateway. These elements are the Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) and the Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO). The PPE is a solar electric propulsion spacecraft that will provide power, communications,Continue reading “NASA Picks Falcon Heavy to Launch Gateway Elements”

Meet Perseverance

In about a week and a half the Mars rover; Perseverance will touch down on the Red Planet. After successful systems checks and time to boot up, this next generation rover will begin to explore our neighboring planet. Although on the surface Perseverance looks a lot like previous rovers such as Curiosity, it is theContinue reading “Meet Perseverance”

Galactic Gardening

Do you have issues growing plants? Many people struggle to even keep a houseplant alive, let alone a whole garden.  Countless books have been written on how to care for everything from sunflowers to trees, and one major assumption is that plants will be raised on earth.  There are no instructional books on growing plantsContinue reading “Galactic Gardening”

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