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Making Millions off my Private Constellation

While astrophysics and rocket science come to mind first when I think of space-related fields, it dawned on me I know very little about satellite technology and telecommunication infrastructure. And as someone most interested in the finance side of space exploration, it's important I understand the burgeoning satellite Internet market and the economics underpinning it, because that's where the near-term money will hopefully be made in space, decades before profitable asteroid mining and Martian colonies. So let's break it into two parts - the basics of satellite technology, and the NewSpace companies trying to launch and monetize high-speed satellite Internet constellations   Satellite Basics – Ground Stations, Frequencies, and Orbital Mechanics The whole point of telecommunications is to rapidly send...

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Space Resources 101

In the near future we may be using the material resources found in space. What material resources of space would you argue will be used and in what sequence? For what purposes and by whom?

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Space is for Everyone!

Here’s the big question for me, the one I want to spend my career answering: “Why don’t we already have millions of people living in space, or active Moon or Mars colonies?” 

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