About New Space Enterprise

Elon Musk dreams of a colony on Mars. Jeff Bezos wants to see millions of people living and working in space. We believe that both of these dreams and more are possible with a space economy.

Gone are the days of space travel being monopolized by governments. Private companies are now able to develop their own space programs without the constraints of government budgets and voter opinions.

Although the scientific contributions of space agencies around the world are incalculable, we believe that corporations will be the driving force beyond low earth orbit. As gold drove explorers to the new world, the untapped resources of the solar system will push humanity to the moon, the asteroid belt and beyond.

Our team is made up of young people with engineering, science, and business degrees. We are working towards this dream by advocating for commercial space ventures and educating the general public on not only why we need space exploration but how exciting it can be.

Space is a team sport for humanity. Let’s get out there and play.