Space Law and Policy

Space is open to all countries and individuals with the means to access it. Due to the nature of this open environment, agreements must be made between participating parties to avoid conflict. This section contains a library of these agreements.

Outer Space Treaty of 1967

The original space treaty, created to alleviate fears built by the space race.

The Artemis Accords

The newest set of international agreements that will define the rules and participation in the Artemis moon missions.

Rescue Agreement

This agreement concerns the rescue and return of astronauts as well as other objects launched into space. Astronauts were and still are regarded as envoys of humanity and during the Cold War, this agreement helped to ensure that the US, USSR and other countries would work together to protect astronauts and cosmonauts.

Liability Convention

This convention states that a nation is liable for all space activity and its impact on Earth. For example, if a rocket booster crashed in another country, the launching country would be liable for injuries and damage caused by this event.

Registration Convention

This convention states that all space objects must be registered when launching. This convention is very important now that space is becoming crowded. There is great need to keep track of all new spacecraft to avoid collisions.

Moon Agreement

The Moon Agreement was intended to govern activities on the Moon and other celestial bodies. The purpose was to keep all activities in space purely for scientific ends. It is important to note that very few countries signed onto this agreement.

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