How to Travel Around Mars Quickly

NASA’s new rover, Perseverance is almost to Mars! It carries with it a host of scientific instruments to collect tons of data in its search for signs of ancient life, and it won’t be traveling there alone. Along for the ride is a technology demonstrator called Ingenuity. Ingenuity is also known as the Mars Helicopter.Continue reading “How to Travel Around Mars Quickly”

Meet Perseverance

In about a week and a half the Mars rover; Perseverance will touch down on the Red Planet. After successful systems checks and time to boot up, this next generation rover will begin to explore our neighboring planet. Although on the surface Perseverance looks a lot like previous rovers such as Curiosity, it is theContinue reading “Meet Perseverance”

Seven Minutes of Terror

– Perseverance arrives on Mars – After launching on July 30th from Cape Canaveral and spending over 6 months traveling through the solar system, the new Perseverance rover is about to arrive at Mars. Before it can begin to explore the surface of the red planet, however, it must endure a harrowing descent. On FebruaryContinue reading “Seven Minutes of Terror”